Booking rules

Booking rules

- Booking online is only for those with a valid membership. Alternatively, bookings can be made through the reception / telephone - see current opening hours.

- Bookings can be made earliest one week before and no later than 3 hours before start.

- Check in at the gym at least 5 minutes before the group fitness class starts.

- If a class is fully booked, you can add yourself to a reserve list. If someone cancels, you get a text message or phone call that there is a spot available.

- Please cancel your booking at least 3 hours before start (online). Call the reception if you have to cancel later.

- If you don´t cancel your booking, you get a warning that lasts for a month. At three warnings you will be banned from online booking for a month (note that you still can participate in classes through drop in bookings at the gym).

- If it´s your first time participating in a group fitness class, please let the instructor know. The instructor can than keep an extra eye on you, so you get the help you need.

- Leave your coats and bags in the locker room. Bring only your locker-key, water bottle and possibly a towel to the group fitness room.

- We reserve the right to cancel the group fitness class when there are fewer participants than 4 people. In this case, you will be notified by text message or telephone.